IBW Sales


Sewing and Woodwork

When we are not in the garden Amanda is often at work on the sewing machine. Napkin and placemat sets, coasters and liners for the bread and cracker trays flow from the craft room.

Her passion is her multi purpose feed bags. Made from recycled feed bags (dog food, cats food, bird seed, deer corn and chicken feed) in a varity of sizes they make great reusable shopping bags and unique gift bags. We donate $1 for every bag sold to Grateful Pets Rescue here in Georgetown.

Walter enjoys woodwork; he started doing craft shows about 15 years ago as Ivorybill Woodworks he took a few years off to build the house on the farm and returned to woodworking using the more versitile name IBW Sales. Most of his designs are "created at the saw" as he says; "the angles, curves, joints and techniques come together and the result is something that makes you smile." His simple and inovative designs create unique yet affordable and useful items.

Slanted bread and cracker trays are the newest designs from the workshop but the more traditional trays and fruit bowls are also available this season.


Free multi purpose Layena chicken feed bag with any order of $50 or more.
Use coupon code FB001 at checkout.

 Multi Purpose Feed Bags

Recycled feed bags (dog and cat food, bird seed chicken feed and dear corn) skillfully reworked into sturdy, washable bags for shopping, activities or gift bags.




Slanted Bead and Cracker Trays

These simple and useful trays make bread and crackers or cookies available for your meal or snacking. Made of oak or poplar and finished with a coat of butcher's block oil that is naturally colorless, odorless and tasteless.
The angle of this unique design keeps the food neatly stacked. Liners are available in a varity of fabrics that add color to the table.


Wooden Trays and Bowls

Made of Russian Birch plywood in a varity of sizes and finished with butcher's block oil. These trays and bowls are food safe but not dishwasher safe. Great trays for decorating; they give a country feel to the table and organize condiments, breads or snacks.


Table Linen

Placemat and napkin sets, coaster, and liners for the bread and cracker trays made of fabrics that bring your favorite colors or the colors of the season to your table. All the table linens are machine washable.